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Ducks Democracy, that we need


By: A. Monem Mahjoub*

Telling the world how to be a democrat, after freeing it from terrorism, is an impossible mission.

A. Monem Mahjoub
A. Monem Mahjoub

Impossible tasks can succeed only in Hollywood, the magic wand (among the bundle of tools) of virtual democracy. The social, cultural and political reality for different peoples of the world is another issue; the United States has not proved yet that it is serious about dealing with this matter rationally so others can agree on radical procedures and devising solutions.

When we talk about democracy, we usually call the legacy of “liberal-rationalist philosophers”, or at least that’s what enrages us at Paul Wolfowitz and Francis Fukuyama, who are forcing us to think of the delinquent behavior of the United States in the world, instead of meditating quickly in ideas and theories.

We hesitate between being trapped by Promethean interpretation of westernizing the world, and being thrown out of history in the time of capitalism, which extorted nature and man together. Shall we follow the pragmatic liberal democracy as reflected in the overrun challenge model known by the United States without annulling our worsening protest, and our tenacity of “illiberal democracies” that has proved so far mature experiences per se, balancing between privacy and openness to the world.

The United States can stand behind those illiberal democracies, to correct and enrich their experiences, unless it prefers, as always, to accelerate the collapse of other states around the world, and to support tyrannical governments that guard their interests instead of defending and activating the principles of democracy. The more the world turns away from the illiberal democracies, the more US in return gain more and more polarization around its liberal paradigm.

The Novelist, Eduardo Galeano, says that he has a point of view in thinking about the common sense that cannot be disregarded: “To save ourselves we need to assemble just like the fingers of one hand, like ducks in a single squadron. In the group aviation technique: the first duck launches off to open the way for a second which paves the way to third on the right direction, and the energy emitted from the third makes the fourth fly dragging fifth behind to give strength to the sixth and then seventh.

When the scout duck gets tired, it joins the squadron tail, leaving the front to another bird on top of the inverted letter V that drawn by the ducks in the air.

Everyone shares the front and rear Ducks that fly in the forefront do not consider their selves a distinctive and those who stay in the back do not suffer shortages. The Ducks did not lose their common sense.”

We need Ducks democracy.

*A Libyan Writer and linguist