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Libyan Intelligence warns Italy of presence of IS in Milan



Despite the victories of the Libyan forces in fighting the Islamic State (IS) group in the city of Sirte with the support of the International Community, the terrorist group is still the primary source of many international forces’ concern because of the size of the threat to these forces.

The Libyan Intelligence warned Italy of the existence of the IS in the city of Milan, north Italy.

It looks like that Italy is most threatened European country by the terrorist groups, in particular through the death boats of illegal migration. According to Corriere Della Sera Italian newspaper, the Libyan Intelligence warned Italy of the possibility of the presence of the IS cells in Milan.

The source said that the Libyan forces found some documents indicate the existence of IS cells in Milan.

The documents show that there is a link between terrorist cells in Milan with one of the leaders of the group, named Moez Abdul-Qader El-Fazzani, who is known by the nickname “Abu-Nasim,” a Tunisian citizen lived in Italy for two decades before he was expelled from Italy in 2012.

From his side, the head of Italy’s parliamentary secret services commission, Giacomo Stucchi, stressed on Monday that the Italian Authorities are investigating on the information. He added that there is no any country is away from this danger, pointing that it is possible for the terrorist groups to move to the European continent on the migration ships through the sea.

In the same context, the Italian security services have raised the alert to the highest. The Italian Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, said that it is significant to expel all of the supporters of the armed terrorists from Italy.

The Italian senator, Pier Ferdinando Casini, called the EU to convene at a special European Summit to study the Libyan case urgently. Although that the next EU summit is to be gathered on 16 September to talk about Russia, Turkey, and the illegal migration, Italy is asking for an earlier summit about Libya.

Casini added that the main concentration now is on liberating the city of Sirte in Libya from the IS elements.

The Italy’s Chief of Police, Franco Gabrielli, said that Italy would strengthen the Special Security Patrols in the cities of Italy to protect them from the terrorism, clarifying that they will work on protecting other sensitive targets.