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Libya: Rome didn’t pay for releasing Italian hostages

Libyan Intelligence's statement - LIBYAPROSPECT


The Media Office of the Libyan Intelligence Services denied the news published by Corriere Della Sera newspaper that the head of the Intelligence Services said the Italian Government is involved in paying compensation for releasing the four Italian technicians who were working in Libya.

The Media Office issued a statement, copy received by LIBYAPROSPECT, saying that the Intelligence Services denies that its head said anything about the compensation.

The statement said that the head of Libyan Intelligence Services highly appreciates the cooperation of the Italian Intelligence Services with Libya. He added that we are sure that the continuity of the cooperation between Libyan and Italian Intelligence Services will reflect positively on fighting terrorism in Libya and Europe in general.

The head of Libyan intelligence calls all of European Intelligence Facilities to do the same as the Italians in dealing with the matter and not to follow the false news that published by some newspapers and media who deliberately publish false news for getting fame and money.

The statement added that this kind of newspapers and media centers contribute in supporting terrorism, directly or indirectly, instead of fighting it.

The statement called all of the press centers to be cautious and to be precise in the search for the truth.