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The State that Libyans need


By Omar Elkeddi*

Throughout Gaddafi’s reign, where he continually tampered with

Omar Elkeddi
Omar Elkeddi

state institutions, Libya was in an entirely different situation to that of the previous monarchy system. In time he managed to transform it into a “State of Scum” as he described in a book of the same title. One of the foundations of any modern state is a constitution approved by the public and a House of Representatives that can hold the government accountable, in addition to an independent judiciary system, as well as independent parties and private media outlets. During Gaddafi’s regime, none of these institutions existed, the state was reduced to a tent, from where the dictator gave his orders.

Today we are witnessing the difficult birth of a country that is yet to agree on a constitution, a social contract through which the public is informed of their rights and duties. The House of Representatives (HoR) has not been functioning since its leader decided not to ratify the Government of National Accord (GNA), even though most of the representatives are for the newly formed administration. The parties founded post-2011 have not been able to formulate a plan to lead the country out of the ongoing calamity. The leaders of these parties are only productive when it comes to television appearances and blaming others for the current state of the nation. Media outlets have been disrupted since Libya Dawn entered Tripoli, the operating networks remaining are those reflecting the views of influential forces, whether it is from without or within, these systems are heavily protected by militias and face no interference from the government.

The President of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, plans on gathering the tribes to hand over power to a military council that runs state affairs. While General Khalifa Haftar believes he should be the head of the military council, through which he can appoint civilians that receive orders from Generals, similarly to when a military takes over a government and declares a state of emergency. The isolated Mufti, Sadeq Al-Gheriani, longs for a religious nation that implements Islamic sharia, conveniently he will be the supreme leader due to his Islamic knowledge, Ansar Al-Sharia supports him as do the Libyan Islamic fighting group, Salafists and part of the Muslim Brotherhood. The National Forces Alliance (NFA) along with the Civil Movement, are for a modern civil state that holds elections periodically. The President of the State Council, Abdul-Rahman Al-Swehli, approves of any form of government, as long as he leads it. While the head of the Oil Facilities Guard (OFG), Ibrahim Jadhran, is in opposition to any form of government, a resolve that will deprive him of his precious treasure located in Libya’s Oil Crescent, he is backed by militia leaders who were unemployed before the revolution. Abdul-Hakim Belhaj wants a nation on condition that his comrades control military and security fronts so that he could leave and grow his fortune, which was bestowed upon him out of the bloom in 2011. The Islamic State (IS) wants a nation ruled by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and to behead as many people as possible.

All of the mentioned above have access to money and artillery that will allow them to design a nation of their choosing in spite of public opinion. All the public wants is for the state to provide liquidity in banks, medicine in pharmacies, bread in bakeries, electricity, and to reduce the price of the dollar. It does not matter to them who rules the country, as long as their necessities are sustained, even if Gaddafi was sent back and ruled his nation of “scum.”

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source