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Pentagon announces the presence of American troops in Libya



The United States Department of Defense, Pentagon, confirmed, on Wednesday morning, the circulating news about the existence of American forces in Libya to participate in the efforts of fighting the Islamic State (IS) group in Sirte.

The Pentagon confirmation came after the US air raids on the IS in Sirte since the beginning of this month.

The deputy spokesperson of Pentagon, Gordon Trowbridge, said in a press conference, that the number of the American troops is small, pointing that these forces are not on the front lines of the battles.

He added that the reason for the presence of the US troops, although it is little, is because of its unique experience in intelligence operations to detect the specific targets that need to be attacked. Therefore, the forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA) will be able to achieve crucial and strategic advances against the IS locations.

The Pentagon announcement came after the Washington Post newspaper revealed that the US forces are already in Libya to support the GNA troops. Other news said that the US forces are stationed in the bases of Misrata and Al-Qurdabea inside Sirte.

In the same context, a leader in the Libyan air forces confirmed the presence of British, American, and French forces in Libya, but their number doesn’t exceed 20 soldiers. He clarified that they are not fighting the IS as they only follow the movements of the IS elements.

Another British media source said that a group of British Special Forces provides consulting services to the Libyan GNA forces supporting them in fighting the IS.

On another hand, a source told Reuters news agency, on Wednesday, that few tens of Italian Special Forces are in Libya to collect information and non-combat support for the Libyan troops and other international forces, including the American and British troops.