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Gzeat calls “94” to join the SC

Gzeat: There must be more than one point of view in the SC - Internet


The member of the Political Agreement Committee, Abul-Qasem Gzeat, has called for the inclusion of the bloc of “94” in the State Council (SC). It worth mentioning that the bloc “94” defected from the General National Congress (GNC) in 2014.

Gzeat said that it is significant to include the “94” bloc in the SC because there must be more than one point of view and the SC cannot work with just one opinion.

Gzeat and a delegation from Tripoli arrived in Tobruk, Sunday evening, to communicate with the members of the House of Representatives (HoR) who refuse to accept the Government of National Accord (GNA) as a result of the Political Agreement.

Gzeat told Al-Wasat Website that “I arrived in Tobruk with Salem Madi and Juma Kossa, and we are waiting for Nuri Al-Abbar and Abdul-Munem Alfaqi to join us. Then we will meet the head of the HoR and some HoR members and notables and Sheiks of the Eastern region of Libya to talk about overcoming the difficulties to implement the Political Agreement.

Gzeat said that “I, as the member of the State Council (SC), believe that it is essential to see the bloc “94” in the SC, so it will not represent one point of view.”