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Kuwaiti authorities foil terrorist attack from IS

Reuters: The Filipina had contact with the IS in Libya - Internet


The Kuwaiti authorities have arrested a Filipina woman, they have been accused her of pledging their allegiance to the Islamic State (IS), they have also accused her of planning to launch an attack in the Gulf state.

According to Reuters, the woman who entered Kuwait, in June as a housemaid, has had contact with the IS in Libya. The Kuwaiti security forces have been monitoring one of the woman’s emails and found multiple messages in which she had contacts with the terrorist group. It is believed that she used a fake name and a nickname to avoid monitoring.

Reuters quotes the news agency KUNA saying that “the accused confessed that she was ready to carry out any terrorist attacks once circumstances and means were available to target a particular section of the society to undermine security and stability in Kuwait, as well as ignite sedition.”

Last month alone, the Kuwaiti government squashed three planned IS attacks on the country, which included plans to blow up a Shia mosque. Kuwait is a predominantly Sunni Muslim state, but this doesn’t stop the terrorist group from targeting the minority group of Shia.