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French operations in Libya are draining UAE resources



According to the latest issue of “Intelligence online”, published on the 27th of July, the UAE has been funding French operations and activities in Libya.

Emirati-Affairs Website also released a report, translated by LIBYAPROSPECT, stating that multiple conferences have taken place in the Emirati capital “Abu Dhabi,” revealing that the Libyan ambassador to the UAE, Arif Al-Nayed, has been acting as a liaison between the UAE and the French.

The report added that although the French intelligence is at the forefront of missions sent to Cyrenaica in the east of Libya, they are not operating alone, as they have been taking the advantage of British and American support, as well as coordinating closely with the UAE.

Also, while the French intelligence utilizes their technical expertise in Libya, the UAE funds all operations and provide strong backing from Cairo.

The report also hints that the French intelligence is in close contact with the city of Zintan, as it has been supporting and funding its principal figures and militia leaders for years.

According to the report’s description, “the most prominent figure and the head of various militias in Zintan, whom the French have been working with is Othman Mlegta, the commander of Al-Qa’qaa brigade, one of the largest armed militias, consisting mainly of Zintani locals, who worked previously in several public positions with no professional military experience”.

The report quoted Mlegta’s statement in which he says that Al-Qa’qaa brigade is the largest security unit in Libya, and the only force tasked by the former Transitional National Council with the safety of streets and neighborhoods. Mlegta is the brother of Abdul Majid Mlegta, the head of the Directing Committee of the National Forces Alliance (NFA) led by Mahmoud Jibril.

The report has described Mlegta as having a bad reputation, accused of torturing the member of the General National Council (GNC) for Benghazi, counselor Suleiman Zubi. His militia has been in constant dispute with the Libyan central government, especially in regards to the refusal of handing over Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi to put him on trial.

Mlegta, the commander of Al-Qa’qaa, which has been notorious for providing protection for Jibril as well as the director of the Political Bureau of the NFA, stated that businesspeople and countries back his militia.

The report affirmed that the UAE’s intervention In the Libyan crisis is no longer a secret, international documented reports have proven the UAE’s involvement as well as their cooperation with Egypt in supporting the leader of the so-called “Karama Operation,” General Khalifa Haftar, aiming to defeat Islamists who control the GNC.