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Al-Koni confirms reopening oil exports



The United States special envoy to Libya, Jonathan Winer, said that all which related to the Libyan oil should make clear and transparent in front of the people, adding that all Libyans should take advantage of the oil revenues.

This came a week after statements made by the Oil Facilities Guards (OFG) commander, Ali Al-Ahrash, in which he confirmed the end of oil exports crisis and the lift of all restrictions imposed on oil terminals.

The Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) announced, on Thursday, that oil exports resumed at crescent oil ports.

The announcement was made during a speech by the vice president of the PC, Moussa Al-Koni, in Ras Lanuf, on behalf of the PC, with the presence of the PC member and the State Minister, Ahmed Hamza, and the Defense Minister, El-Mahdi El-Barghathi.

Al-Koni expressed his hope that resuming oil exports would be a new beginning for Libya, confirming the significance of such event as oil is the primary source of revenue.

Al-Koni also said that the halt of oil exports led to the deterioration of cash crisis and the rocketing rise of foreign currency exchange rates in parallel markets.

Al-Koni’s speech detailed the difficulties faced oil exports such armed confrontations in the oil Crescent area that severely damaged infrastructure and oil tanks. He denied all rumors concerning any deal or bribe proposed to reopen ports,” praising the awareness and patriotism showed by everyone.

In a related context, Al-Khalij Oil Company saw a breakthrough and managed to pay salaries, following money cashed by the National Oil Corporation (NOC) to revive oil production.