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100 Billion Dollars losses due to oil ports closure



New details and facts regarding Libya’s black gold and the sole source of revenue, emerged in a televised interview with the head of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla.

Sanalla told a Libyan TV that the losses of the NOC and partners exceeded 100 Billion Dollars due to the closure of the oil ports, adding that “Al-Khalij company needs 700 Million Dollars to continue producing and exporting oil.”

Sanalla said that he wasn’t informed about the visit of the United Nations envoy, Martin Kobler, to the oil Crescent, adding that “he is surprised of Kobler’s relation to the Libyan oil.” He said he is seeking to know details of Kobler and Jadhran meeting.

Sanallah confirmed that the Presidential Council (PC) didn’t revise or inform him about the agreement with Jadhran, stressing his rejection of the deal, especially that it offered to reopen of oil ports in exchange for salary payments to the OIL Facilities Guards (OFG).

Sanalla started his speech underlining the critical phase the country is going through, stressing the need to inform Libyans about the real facts of the oil crisis that casts heavy shadows on the Libyan economy.

“Oil ports weren’t closed but kidnapped for the last three years for unknown reasons. On 25 July 2013, the NOC received four vogue letters from the OFG threatening to close ports and airports if their demands were not met,” said Sanalla.

He added that “Jadhran tried to smuggle oil via Al-Sabah tanker, but it was returned and loaded, the tanker still in Al-Khoms port until now.”

Money was paid to Jadhran in 2014; no one knew about, said Sanalla, adding that the NOC asked Jadhran, in 2015, to allow oil tanks threatened by the Islamic State (IS) to load in Al-Sedra and Ras Lanuf, but he refused and oil was burnt.

Sanalla stated that this caused losses worth 100 Billion Dollars. He stressed that “procedures carried out by the Presidential Council (PC) with Jadhran would undermine its authority.”

As a solution, Sanalla suggested paying the money to the NOC to evacuate fields, demanding the PC to order the OFG to reopen the oil ports and fields. The main focus point made by Sanalla is to open ports and fields unconditionally.