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ICC accepts complaint against Jadhran



The International Criminal Court (ICC) has received the complaint that was submitted by the Libyan American Public Affairs Council (LAPAC) against the Commander of the Oil Facilities Guards (OFG) in the central area of Libya, Ibrahim Jadhran, and others. The LAPAC accused Jadhran of closing the petroleum fields and ports and weakened the Libyan economy.

According to the General Prosecutor of the ICC, the complaint is subject to a preliminary study the possibility of taking a decision to open an official investigation or not.

The LAPAC called the Libyan governmental institutions, the Libyan General Prosecutor, the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC), and the civil society organizations as well as the Libyan Lawyers to participate in cooperating with the LAPAC to offer official support, evidence, and witnesses.

It is worth mentioning that the OFG under the leadership of Jadhran closed the oil fields and ports in eastern Libya since 2013, accusing the former governments of selling the Libyan oil unofficially.