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About 3000 migrants lost lives this year



So far this year, approximately 3,000 migrants and refugees have lost their lives in the efforts of getting to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, while 250,000 have successfully reached Europe, as reported by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), on Friday.

The recent reports on the death toll this year could put 2016 on the right track to be the deadliest year since the beginning of the migrant crisis. According to Reuters, the spokesman for the IOM said that the earliest we have seen 3,000 deaths mark, in 2014 this number was reached in September, and in 2015 it was concluded in October. He added that “so far this figure has been reached before the end of July, which is quite alarming.”

Since late March of this year, approximately 2,500 migrant lives have perished in the sea with about 20 migrants dying each day trying to reach Italy from the Libyan coast. Most of the fatalities are migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa, although some from Pakistan and Bangladesh are amongst them.

Reports state that approximately 85,000 migrants have successfully reached Italy so far this year, which is almost the same as the same period last year.

Multiple sources say that the migrants in Libya are held at detention centers, many are run by criminal gangs and militias, the lives of the migrants are at risk. The IOM wants the access to detainees and authorisation for their preparation.