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137 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya



137 Migrants were rescued from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 40 miles eastern of the capital city of Tripoli. Coast Guard officials believe that the migrants came from sub-Saharan African countries like Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, and other regions.

One of the rescued migrants told the officials that they got lost, and the vessel had been moving in circles. The rescue mission was carried out by ships from the Operation “Sophia”, the EU-led initiative to stop smuggling routes to Europe.

According to Reuters the vessel that was rescued included 27 women and two children, the bailouts came shortly after the bodies of 21 women and a man were recovered on a rubber dinghy found floating just off the Libya coast.

The humanitarian group Medicine Sans Frontieres (MSF) said that they were patrolling the central Mediterranean and came to the rescue of two dinghies, which were sailing together.

According to Reuters, they managed to save 209 people including 50 children to safety, they say, however, 22 people were found dead at the bottom of one of the dinghies.