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Expected consequences of French intervention in Libya



France, who always says it supports the political resolution, which rules out any armed intervention, and states that any military action will prolong and deepen the crisis in Libya; is in fact, sending fighting army from its special forces to fight with one of the sides of conflict in Libya

The matter that comes as the opposite of what France always announced on many occasions through direct statements and through international organizations that keen the only solution in Libya is the political one and not the military, affirming that military intervention is not the solution and will only complicate the situation.

According to the statement of the French President, François Hollande, who announced that the French suffered three casualties at the hands of the rebels, confirming the rebels’ information regarding the killing of a French soldier last February. Therefore, the French have been hiding their involvement in the war, fighting alongside the forces of General Khalifa Haftar in Benghazi, participating in the killing of civilians and destroying the city.

A French spokesperson claimed that the French soldiers were killed fighting terrorism when in reality the died while fighting to the West of Benghazi against the Defense Brigades, who declared themselves to be protectors of the displaced, forced out of their homes and properties.

There are those who ask if the French soldiers died in Sirte, would people’s reactions be different? Bearing in mind, the Operation “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous” repeatedly denied any cooperation with international forces in the fight against Islamic State (IS). Some might ask, would it not have been better if the French participated in the fight against the IS? However, the French’s involvement in Benghazi could only mean their support and empowerment for Haftar.

Haftar is against the Government of National Accord (GNA) and opposes any consensus resolution, so why is France backing him? Many believe that the French want to worsen the situation in Libya, and even intend to occupy it, either directly or through Haftar.

The other important argument now is that France is opening the doors for the terrorism’s actions in Libya. And the terrorism will find the reliable incubator and justifications to carry out more violent actions after the efforts and fights to end the terrorism in Sirte.

Consequently, France must answer this question: Are they deliberately sabotaging the possibility of a peaceful dialogue in Libya?