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Bashaga: Foreign military involvement is a rejected crime

Bashaga: Fighting against terrorism should be only through legitimate authority - Internet


The House of Representatives (HoR) member, Fathy Bashaga, called the Presidential Council (PC) to address the countries suspected in militarily intervening against any Libyan party, regarding such attempts as a violation of national sovereignty and further complicate the Libyan crisis.

Bashaga said, in a statement on his Facebook page, that “the fight against terrorism and extremism should be only through the legitimate authority, within the national project, and not being used to settle political matters. Because bad intentions are the leading cause of waging war that has no end, and that’s what we saw in different areas for years”.

“Foreign intervention, in military form, on the side of one Libyan party against the other is entirely rejected and considered a crime, legally and politically. Involved countries should bear all responsibility for that intrusion. Whatever the situation is, Libyans blood and state sovereignty is above any other consideration,” said Bashaga.