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PC condemns the presence of French forces in Libya



The Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) denounced the announcement of the French Government, which admitted the presence of its forces in the Eastern side of Libya, without coordinating with the PC.

The PC confirmed, in a statement on Wednesday, that they contacted high levels of French authorities to know the circumstances and the size of French presence, asking for the details and explanations of the incident of the death of three troops in Benghazi.

The PC stressed on the constants of Libyan sovereignty, which they will not give it up.

The PC stated that “we always welcomed the support and help of the sister and friend countries in fighting the Islamic State (IS), as long as this support is in the frame of coordinating with the PC and within the limits of keeping the Libyan sovereignty.”

The PC said that “we are aware of the need for gathering the efforts to eliminate the epidemic of the IS, but this doesn’t justify any intervention without forming us and cooperating with us.”

The PC called, in the statement, all of the Libyan factions to amalgamate under the legitimacy of the PC, which is the only way to end the suffer from Libyans and resume the security and stability for all of Libya.