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Ki-Moon expresses fear IS would regroup in Libya



The United Nations expressed its fear that the Islamic State (IS) would reposition outside the city of Sirte, while the US Chief of Staff confirmed that the group had suffered significant losses in Libya.

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, expressed his fear that the IS elements who fled Sirte, their main stronghold in Libya, would form new cells in other parts of Libya.

Ki-Moon said, in a statement to the Security Council “pressure the IS recently face in Libya could force its elements, including foreign fighters, to reposition and regroup in smaller but expandable cells across Libya and neighbor countries.”

He added that the IS defeat is close, so elements are fleeing south and west of Libya, as well as Tunisia.

“The effect of the IS expansion on armed groups across the south would be a primary source of concern shortly,” Ki-Moon said.

The report said that some of the IS elements fled to neighboring country of Tunisia, planning to wage terror acts.

The US Chief of Staff, Joseph Dunford, stated that the IS suffered significant losses in the armed confrontations against the Government of National Accord (GNA) forces in and around Sirte, and facing difficulty in establishing foothold in the country.

He confirmed that the group is much weaker than before, adding that that the IS numbers decreased to only a few hundred. He also said that the rival Libyan factions are beginning to coalesce, which is a positive sign in the fighting line.