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Darna is under siege as conditions worsen



Amid the intensified political and military conflict in Libya, Darna is at the bottom of the priority list, located in the East of Libya, where General Khalifa Haftar and his forces are closing in on, terrorizing the city with no reaction from the International Community, until it became necessary to launch a humanitarian appear for it may ease the suffering of the people.

The member of the State Council (SC), Mansour Al-Hasadi, called upon the Government of National Accord (GNA), the UN delegation in Libya, the local councils neighboring Darna, and all those who believe in human rights in and outside of Libya, hoping to make a difference and better the situation.

Al-Hasadi stated that the city is under siege and is constantly being shelled civilians, including children and women, who are the primary targets, pointing out the deteriorating condition of the city and its poor sanitary conditions, the shortage of medicine and food, banks closed, in addition to power outages and not allowing civilians to travel freely. “The severe inhumane conditions the city is facing amid national and international silence is no longer a secret,” Al-Hasadi added.

A few days ago, an official for the Shura Council’s media department, Mohammed Al-Mansouri, stated that Haftar’s air forces targeted the city’s police station. In a phone interview, Al-Mansouri added that the army’s social media pages claimed to have bombed the station, even though nearby residential areas were targeted and not the police station.

Al-Mansouri also affirmed the existence of a blockade imposed by Haftar, a blockade that has caused liquidity issues, preventing the entry of medical supplies, all indications of a humanitarian disaster on the horizon. Since mid-April activists from Darna launched a campaign on social media demanding to lift the siege enforced by Haftar’s men and end the starvation in the city.

The media have been asking many questions regarding the situation, in an interview with Al-Wasat website, Darna’s representative in the HoR, Khairullah Al-Tirkawi, was asked about the reality of the situation, and are Haftar’s forces bombing fighter or civilians?

He replied by saying that the attacks are targeting armed groups working operating outside the confines of the government regardless of their name, and perhaps there are victims among civilians due to the weapon storages located nearby. He regrets all civilian casualties caused by the war on terror.

Naturally, another attempt to break the silence on the harsh conditions the city is struggling with, the crimes and inhumane catastrophe caused by Haftar and his men. What needs to be addressed is the current state of the city, away from the political and military disputes, abiding by the Political Agreement and social values, the final words which Mansour Al-Hasadi ended his statement by on Sunday.