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Al-Gheriani denounces French interference



The head of Dar Al-Ifta in Tripoli, Sheikh, Sadeq Al-Gheriani, considered the announcement of the French Defense Ministry that three of its troops were killed in Benghazi, as a war announcement on Libya. He called the Libyan people to condemn this intervention.

Al-Gheriani added it is a religious duty that Libyans must carry out demonstrations condemning the French intervention.

He stressed that it is necessary for Libyan to be unified in front of the external interference, adding that “it is clear now that our country is facing external aggression because the French forces are fighting the revolutionaries in Benghazi.”

The French Defense announced, earlier on Wednesday, that three of its troops were killed in Libya. And the spokesperson for the French Defense Minister, Le Foll, confirmed the presence of French forces in Libya.