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Discord between CDA members on constitution draft



Outside the walls of the Political Dialogue Committee, the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) officially announced the completion of the draft constitution, asserting that it should become the subject of a referendum for Libyan people to vote for.

In a press conference held by the committee in Tunisia on Saturday, the project was described as different to the previous drafts since it was written under the consensus of the participants, demanding the House of Representatives (HoR) to hold a referendum as soon as possible.

The CDA added that the project highlights the unity of the Libyan state and ensures that there is no longer a place for any form of dictatorship; the project also supports decentralization through local governance, in addition to human rights, women’s rights, and disability rights.

The member of the CDA, Zainab Al-Zaidi, stated in an interview with a TV channel, that the commission members would meet with the Political Dialogue Committee for the first time, explaining that the CDA avoided the political scene until the draft was complete.

The meeting will discuss the constitutional document submitted by the CDA as well as the probability of a referendum. The meeting will also examine the possibility of whether or not the draft could be the basis for a solution to the legislative and presidential elections.

The United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, stated that there is a limited duration for the parties to reach a decision. According to his words, this will help end the crisis and reconstruct and rebuild the country. Kobler linked the constitution discussion to the necessity of unifying the Libyan army under the Presidential Council (PC).

On the other hand, there is a significant fraction that deems the CDA expired, and that there continuity and decisions are invalid.

Further developments await the Libyans after the dialogues in Tunisia; events might arise on the second day of the discussions with new elements to be tackled.

Would the implementation of such a project be identified as a burden relief to the ongoing Libyan crisis even with the entry of the PC to Tripoli? Bearing in mind that ratification from the HoR is currently pending, proving once again their inability to resolve this dilemma.