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A-Sarraj describes Tunisia meeting as very positive

Al-Sarraj: We need to find quick solutions to difficulties facing the implementation of the PA - Internet


The Head of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, talked to reporters in a press conference after the end of the political dialogue in Tunisia, on Sunday.

Al-Sarraj described the meeting with the members of the political discussion as a very positive and fruitful. He said that the meeting marked with transparency and real intention to find solutions to all issues affecting the implementation of the political accord.

“The session was for discussions and consultations, it was no, by any means, an accountability meeting as some people are trying to promote,” he stated.

He added that “we, the Presidential Council, proposed all political, economic and security problems. We asked dialogue members to follow closely up and communicate with all parties blocking the deal.”

Out of national and moral responsibility, Al-Sarraj stressed on the need to work and find quick solutions to difficulties facing the implementation of the Political Agreement (PA) and issues related to bodies emanated from the deal, which the PC has no authority over, but their lack of responsiveness directly affects the work of the government.

The meeting also discussed challenges faced by the government regarding services and financial sectors, as well as oil exports, electricity, in this issue, Al-Sarraj confirmed that “we detailed the process used to solve such crises.”

Al-Sarraj said that “we agreed to continue consolations and discussions.” He added that “I grab this opportunity to thank all members of the dialogue committee for their keenness to support the political deal, and their consensual spirit, all confirmed that the political agreement is the base ground for all of us, there is no returning.”

Al–Sarraj thanked the United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, and the mission for all their efforts, and “we renew our call for all sons of the nation, who haven’t joined us yet to put the country’s interests above any other considerations,” he stated.

Al-Sarraj confirmed that they would not stop supporting reconciliation course, and consensus with all parties, adding that there is no room for marginalization or exclusion.

Praising the fighters against the Islamic State (IS), Al-Sarraj said that “our sons, sacrificed and still sacrifice their lives every day for our children to live and have a better life and for us, so we shall make their lives matter.”