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Tunisian meeting talks about United Army



The members of the Libyan Political Dialogue have been talking about forming a united Libyan Army.

The United Nations special envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, said that the only way to end the crisis Libya starts from forming one united Army.

Kobler stated, in a press release, that “all troubles in Libya are linked to the security situation.” He confirmed that the existence of United Army under the leadership of the Presidential Council (PC) is the only way to end the crises,” stressing that Libya cannot be united in the presence of several armies.

Kobler added that on Monday and Tuesday, there will be a meeting of the Presidential Council (PC) and the active security factions in Libya to talk about how to build up one Libyan Army.

About General Khalifa Haftar, Kobler has reiterated his desire to meet Haftar and try to understand his opinion and attitude, “I call every week to arrange for an appointment, but he refuses to meet me.”

Kobler stated that there will be even a meeting between the Presidential Council, the members of the Libyan Dialogue, and members of the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA).

He stressed that the Political Agreement (PA) is Temporary, and after that, there must be a constitution. He called the dialogue factions to consider the draft of the constitution.