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Kobler: I haven’t said that there must be three armies

Kobler: Libyans need to identify the structure of the army and its leadership - Internet


The United Nations envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, denied the statement attributed to him about dividing the Libyan Army into three bodies. He confirmed, in a press release in Tunisia on Saturday, that there must be one and united Army in Libya under the leadership of the Presidential Council (PC).

Kobler added that Libyans need to identify the structure of the official army and its leadership, “it is Libyans’ responsibility and not the International Community,” according to Kobler.

Kobler said this after Associated Press news agency published that he called for forming three Army institutions in Libya; which caused strong reactions amongst many Libyans, who considered this kind of call as a justification to divide the country.

One of those reactions, what the member of the Libyan Political Agreement, Nuri AlAbbar, who expressed that Kobler and the United Nation Support Mission in Libya are only to support Libyans and supervise the Political Agreement.

Al-Abbar said that Kobler mustn’t intervene in this issue, as it is up to Libyan people only.

Therefore, the security issue is the most important in the Political dialogue in Tunisia, especially that the article 8th of the Political Agreement raises several question marks.

Perhaps this will become clearer in the couple of days of the meeting in Tunisia, which is witnessing a meeting between the Presidential Council (PC) and the actual security parties in the country.