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Continuity of fighting in Al-Magroun area



The media spokesperson for the Battalion “302”, Mohamed Al-Ozomy, affiliated to General Khalifa Haftar, said that the armed clashes are still on around Al-Magroun area (80 km west of Benghazi), denying the earlier reports circulated about Haftar forces seizure of the area.

There are conflicting reports concerning clashes east of Al-Magroun area against Benghazi Defense Brigades who advanced towards the region, on Friday.

Administrative coordinator in Benghazi western axis, Omran Hemaly, told, said that Haftar forces, with the help of air forces, stopped Benghazi Defense Brigades from advancing, confirming that Haftar forces strengthened their defense and combat capabilities in the area to avoid any counterattacks.

But the battalion “302” media spokesperson confirmed such reports, pointing that Benghazi Defense Brigades furled around the Battalion “304” and the Battalion “146,” both affiliated to Haftar, forcing them to retreat to one km east of the area.