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By: Mahmoud Al-Bosaify*

Throughout the history, thieves have consistently been developing

Mahmoud Al-Bosaify
Mahmoud Al-Bosaify

their thievery techniques and methods. With different pretexts come various types of thieves, some are considered noble and honorable, such as Urwah Ibn Al-Ward, Robin Hood, and even Arsène Lupin, the fictional gentleman thief, “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.”

Some thieves suffer from a psychological disorder; this type can be found in public markets and crowded areas. Of course, there are those who are simply criminals, whether they are young pickpockets who inherit the trade and dedicate their time and efforts to it like any other business, or individuals and groups who specialize in robbing banks, houses, farms, cars, etc.

Psychologists and sociologists have studied these different types and continue to do so. Explanations and conclusions were reached as to why and under what circumstances this form of behavior ensues, criminality is now an entire field that one could dwell in and explore, unintimidated by the law, it’s as if the crime is a virus feeding off the weak resolve of the criminal.

Burglary has become a global profession; thieves are more driven and ferocious, they are now robbing entire nations in the name of power and religion, often just a response to their greedy, power-hungry mindset, with an inner desire to acquire and attain what is not theirs to be attained.

There are different classes of thieves. Some wear raggedy clothes, and others wear luxurious brands. Some steal copper wire while others rip the riches out of the earth, thieves who steal electricity and river water, different fields for different abilities, from pickpockets who thrive in public places to those who steal private and public goods, all the way to thieves who rob countries and nations.

A different kind of thieves which can be described as low and immoral are those who steal your values, your confidence, your ideas, the kind that sneaks into your privacies and discretions, robbing your joy and always backbiting you, damaging your soul and leaving you with none. They are the most dangerous and fiercest kind. It is a tragedy that the most prevalent type is the classification of criminology and the rule of law, not pursued by justice, chased only by curses and contempt.

*A Libya Writer and Journalist

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source