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Crimes committed outside law by Haftar’s Forces – Video



Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) stated that in the first week of June 2016, a video surfaced of a group of armed men in military uniform executing a prisoner. The video included a military emblem “Libyan Special Forces, Commandos, and Paratroopers”, although their faces appeared in the video they are yet to be identified.


According to the report that was published by Libya Al-Mostakbal website, LIBYAPROSPECT translates; the HRS added that on 8 June, a post of Facebook saw Mahmood Al-Werfali sitting on the hood of an armored military vehicle posing next to the murdered prisoner.

The HRS stated that he was then identified as Captain Mahmood Al-Werfali, a field commander in the Benghazi’s Special Forces Unit. The post included slurs against the UN, the International Criminal Court, Human Rights, Arab leaders, and everyone who is against the moderate Islamic doctrine, “and if you don’t like what I’m saying you can leave.

It said that this proudness and bragging is all due to the lack of accountability and law in Libya generally and especially in Benghazi. Al-Werfali’s friends all admire his actions and engage in his posts giving him positive feedback and support through the comments, almost all comments back him up and show no respect for the law. What is even more worrying is that a few others are imitating him and posting their killings online.

The HRS confirmed that one of his associates, also part of the Special Forces, Shaker Al-Dous, posted a picture with two prisoners tied up on the floor on the 23rd of June 2006, one of them was blindfolded and surrounded by people; their faces aren’t visible.


The HRS added that one of them carried a rifle. The post was filled with filthy curses, “we just came back from killing operations, in this picture are two of whom we murdered today, we didn’t take pictures of the rest because we were busy, we don’t care if anyone complains”. He also mentioned he was with four of his friends, Ramadan Bu Shuger, Muhannad El-Feitouri, Hamza Al-Athram, and Akram Dajaja. It is understood that they were also involved in the killings.

It reported that on the 21st of June 2016, in a different post, he is bragging publically with no shame or guilt, “we specialize in killing termites (this is how he describes his enemies) and throwing their bodies in the dustbin, the place where they belong.”


It said that Mahmood Al-Werfali could be seen in the picture. It is evident from the contents of the page and the pictures posted; the groups oppose tribal militias supporting Colonel Mahdi Al-Bargathi, Minister of Defense in the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The HRS reported that it received a report that “we were not able to confirm, it included Mahmood Al-Werfali’s involvement in killing sprees outside his jurisdiction. Posting a “trophy” besides the body of the victim is a sign of worse things to come in Benghazi.

The HRS is demanding the Presidential Council (PC) of the GNA to take responsibility, intervene and put an end to these crimes. Al-Barghati and his allies should not be exempted from accountability. They must be investigated regarding their participation in Human Rights violations. Some of these violations are considered war crimes and crimes against humanity. The PC must announce that Al-Werfali and his companions are all war criminals and that they should be arrested and prosecuted.