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Recommendations to solve the migration crisis in Libya



With the current situation in Libya, chaos and political conflict among competing factions, it is hard to contain illegal migration crisis, besides that most policies applied by the European Union proved the failure, according to a study by the European Council on Foreign Relations.

The EU launched, last year, the Operation “Sophia” to intercept and destroy illegal migration boats, prevent it from reaching international waters, but until now it failed to contain the crisis given high death toll in the Mediterranean and growing migrants numbers attempt to cross the sea.

Also, the EU tried to force African countries into signing redemption agreements, to bring migrants back to the original countries, which also haven’t succeeded until now.

So the European study recommends three step policy to contain the migration crisis in the short term while thinking of long term solutions.

First; the study called the EU countries to sign a memorandum of understanding and bilateral agreements with countries from both sides of the Mediterranean which would involve Libya, Italy, Malta, Tunisia, and, where possible, Egypt, to launch joint patrolling missions, and support Libyan efforts to improve governance of the maritime security sector.

Second; launch EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) mission to manage the crisis in Libya and on Libya’s borders, and offer assistance to the Libyans (both the central government and local authorities) to rebuild the judiciary; train police forces; and help to improve the governance of the security sector while strengthening accountability.

Third; Struck multilateral agreement with countries of transit and origin for migrants of the south of Libya countries, like Niger, Algeria, Mali and other relevant Sahel countries, with the participation of the IOM and the UN refugee agency (UNHCR).