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Mass grave and secret prison used by IS in Sirte



A mass grave and a secret prison belonging to the Islamic State (IS) were discovered and unearthed the city of Sirte. It is believed that they were used to abuse hostages who were captured by the IS.

According to the Daily Mail, seven bodies were found buried in one grave, which was discovered in a farm west of the city. It is also believed that three prisoners were rescued when found in a prison, which was in a dreadful condition.

The armed forces allied with the Government of National Accord (GNA) came across the secret prison after it recaptured parts of the town from the terrorist organization.

The Daily Mail believes that the prisoners had been in the secret prison for many months; and when found, they were in dire conditions which were far from humanitarian.

The GNA allied forces have surrounded the Ouagadougou conference center, the building the IS claimed as its headquarters. The forces are days away from reclaiming the city as a whole, it is believed that only 30% of the IS fighters in Libya are Libyans, the majority come from Chad, Niger, France, Tunisia, and other countries.