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Families used as human shields by IS in Sirte



The Islamic State (IS) still seize some families inside some districts first, second, and third neighborhoods inside the city of Sirte, as they face dire living situation for more than one month.

A local source told Al-Wasat website, on Tuesday, that the IS is using families as human shields in the war against the Operation “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous” forces.

On another side, Sirte educational exams office head, Milad Qaby, said that five committees are supervising high school exams this year in Qadaheya, Abu Njim, Zamzam, Abu Qurain, Sultan, and Harawa; some students exceeded 500 students.

He added that “more than 2000 students are taking their exams outside Sirte, where they are displaced.”

From another side, an official at Libya Phone said that Al-Madar network resumed Monday night in Harawa, Red Valley, Om Qandil, Nufalya, and Bin Jawad, after one-year breakout since clashes erupted in the area, following the IS control.

The source also added that Libyan Phone Services and Internet Services resumed in most regions east, west, and south of Sirte.