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Abu-Lagheeb: Hafter prevented us from fighting

Abu-Lagheeb: Haftar told us to pull out from fighting axes - Internet


The Commander of the Military Intelligence Services, Salah Abu-Lagheeb, in Benghazi said that the leader of the Army affiliated to the House of Representatives (HoR), General Khalifa Haftar, has prevented them from participating in fighting against Defense Brigade of Benghazi.

Abu-Lagheeb added, in a press release, that Haftar told them to pull out from fighting axes, the order has come from the Minister of Defense, Mohmed Al-Fakhry, in the Interim Government affiliated to the HoR.

Abu-Lagheeb clarified that the pull out of his forces, the Tank-Battalion 204 and the Salafist Battalion “the Second,’ in the fighting axes in Sultan and Al-Jeldaya, caused the advance of the Defense Brigades of Benghazi and controlling new locations.

From his side, the Commander of the Salafist battalion “The Second’, Hamdy Al-Amroni, confirmed the pulling out of his battalion from the area of fighting between Ajdabiya and Benghazi. He called it “the operation of avoiding sedition, accusing Haftar that he is seeking personal glories for himself.

Al-Amroni stated that they told the Notable Council about this attitude, adding that the Commander of the forces of Haftar, Muftah Shaglouf, and his vehicles do not exist in the desert.