Home Reports The PC moves to the main HQ in Tripoli

The PC moves to the main HQ in Tripoli



The deputy head of the Presidential Council (PC) of Government of National Accord (GNA), Moussa Al-Koni, said that “we take the headquarter of the government in Tripoli after staying 100 days in the Abu-Setta Navy base.”

Al-Koni stated, in a press conference on Monday, that “there were daily communications between the PC and the Oil Facility Guards for re-exporting the Libyan oil, which will revive the economic in the country.”

He added that “the PC took practical steps to resolve the problem of liquidity, and determine the price of the Libyan Dinar.”

Al-Koni described the issue of the power outage as “a chronic situation, which is not new as it was accumulated by the time.”

Al-Koni stressed that the PC is supporting the battles against the Islamic State (IS) group in Sirte.a