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Benghazi Brigades declare control over a field hospital



Defense Brigade forces in Benghazi declared their control over a field hospital after seizing it from the Operation “Dignity” forces; it also declared control over Al-Raqta area and the capturing of Dignity fighters.

The commander, Mansour Al-Faidi, affirmed that they captured some soldiers after heavy combat east of Al-Raqta. According to the brigades, the number of captives reached a total of 35.

Eyewitnesses from Al-Marj state that General Khalifa Haftar’s forces are moving military equipment and ammunition from Benina’s airbase to Al-Kharouba airport south of Al-Marj. Adding that the air strikes which have been targeting the Defense Brigades set off from Al-Kharouba airport at the rate of one plane every hour.

Brigade forces surrounded a troop working with Haftar near Al-Raqta and Si Abdel Ati, over 15 fighters have been captured. Military equipment and vehicles were seized.

The brigade commander, Mustafa Al-Sharkasi, stated, on Monday, that the brigade consists of Benghazi natives and are all from Barqa tribes. Dignity media outlets have announced, on Sunday, the news of capturing Al-Sharkasi.

Al-Sharkasi stated that his brigade suffered over 45 airstrikes during their advancement towards Benghazi; he did not mention the number of casualties. Mansour Ati, a Red Crescent spokesperson in Ajdabiya, stated in a press conference that the total number of casualties who arrived at the Magraif Hospital during Sunday’s clashes is 6, 3 of which are from the Defense Brigades, two from Dignity and one Sudanese national.

The Defense Brigades declared control over Al-Sultan area, Al-Jilidiya checkpoint east of Ajdabiya, and their advancement towards Benghazi. Bushra Agency, the media division for the Defense Brigades in Benghazi, stated that the Brigades had seized some military equipment, ammunition, and a tank.

The spokesperson for the House of Representatives’ armed forces, Ahmad Al-Mesmari, confirmed one casualty and two injuries after clashes with the Defense Brigades in Al-Sultan area. Al-Sultan is around 35km east of Ajdabiya, 120km to the west of Benghazi. Al-Jilidiya is located 45km to the east of Ajdabiya.

The Defense Brigades in Benghazi, Ajdabiya forces, and Benghazi revolutionaries’ supporters all headed towards Benghazi Sunday morning, after being stationed in the South of Ajdabiya.