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Europe’s efforts to prevent influx of migrants backfires



Migrants from Africa, who go to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, are known to be vulnerable to exploitation of all sorts ranging from rape to torture and imprisonment.

It Is believed that the European nations who attempt to prevent the migrants from going to Europe are contributing to the problem rather than helping to resolve it. By preventing the migrants from going to their shores, they are condemning the migrants to the life of torture and prolonged abuse in Libya at the hands of the gangs, militias, and gangsters.

After the 2011 revolution, Libya has fallen into chaos with rival gangs and militias taking over parts of Libya and the Islamic state (IS), who soon came to join, they all had carved Libya up.

Migrants have been caught up as victims of the aftermath. According to Human Rights Watch, it is unacceptable to save or intercept migrants at the sea and then send them back to Libya for abuse on land.

To resolve this crisis, NATO has agreed to join and take part in the EU-led military mission ‘Sophia.’ Women suffer from sexual exploitation, many stories of women were reported raped and sexually abused. Many stories of even men being victims of torture and abuse, one is a young Liberian man who had endured a hard life, so he went to Libya in the hopes that he would be able to start a new life. Instead, he entered a life of incarceration and almost died at sea.

A report by Human Rights Watch concludes that by stopping migrants from going to Europe, the situation in the North African region will only be exacerbated and will be far from resolved.