Home Editorial Western forces cooperate with Hafter who refuses GNA

Western forces cooperate with Hafter who refuses GNA



The leaks released by MIDDLE EAST EYE (MEE) confirmed cooperation of Western and Arab forces with the leader of the Army affiliated to the House of Representatives, General Khalifa Haftar, in his war against armed groups in Benghazi. The leaked tapes suggest the involvement of several countries including the UK, the US, France, Egypt and the UAE.

The report discussed leaked recordings of Haftar’s officers and an International operations center aiding him in his so-called war against terrorist forces and revolutionaries. The Islamic State (IS) militias are in control of parts of Benghazi and are currently fighting both Haftar and revolutionaries.

MEE got hold of the recordings through Benina’s Air Base, which is considered to be one of Haftar’s most vital military facilities.

Haftar still refuses to support the UN-backed GNA, which has been fighting the IS forces in the city of Sirte and was able to restrict their movement after being in control of vast Southern and Eastern areas.

Additionally, the UN Security Council approved of an EU naval force to roam the Libyan coasts to enforce the arms embargo. The arms embargo was imposed in 2011, yet EU forces, as well as Egypt, Turkey, UAE and Sudan, have all been involved in importing weapons to various parts of Libya, including Haftar, who is backed by the UAE and Egypt, according to different reports.

Furthermore, not long ago Haftar was threatened by the “involved” countries due to his stance on the Government of National Accord (GNA), strangely enough, these threats just seem to disappear the moment a spokesperson for Haftar claims they haven’t received an official warning or notification.

The questions that require clear answers from the involved parties can be summed up to the children of Derna, who were killed in Haftar’s airstrikes, was it under British/American orders? Is there no respect for human rights? And where is the international community and the UN from this? Who bears the responsibility of protecting civilians from friendly fires and being targeted? If the West is acting upon their interests in Libya, then what is the role of Arab nations such as UAE? Why do they have two agents working with Haftar in his operations room?

The main question is, is this intervention not undermining the UN’s efforts, will this not take Libya back to square one if not zero? Does this not mean that the UN is giving justifications to foreign forces to intervene and assist their allies in Libya?