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Saiati killed in blast explosion in Benghazi



The lieutenant, Tareq Saiati, killed in an explosion of landmine blast in Al-Sabri axis, east Benghazi, on Saturday evening.

Medical sources confirmed that Saiati died before reaching the hospital, and his colleagues tried to save his life.

The sources added that Saiati was taken to the Intensive Care Unit in A-Jala hospital.

Saiati, the blast expert, is very well known as the one who only works to save civilians from blast explosions. It is worth mentioning that this kind of work needs equipment, and Saiati didn’t have enough of them to do his job

Saiati was also injured last May because of another explosion in a vehicle belongs to the unit of explosive ordnance disposal in Sidi Faraj area in Benghazi, but he was treated.