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Igtet: I speak to you straight from my heart

Igtet: They told me that I was going to the caves of Tora Bora not Derna - Internet


Basit Igtet wrote about his trip to Derna in an article published by Libya Al-Mostakbal website; he mentioned that his journey came after many interrupted communications.

In the article, translated by LIBYAPROSPECT, Igtet stated that he set his mind on going to Derna despite many objections, “they told me I was going to the caves of Tora Bora and that I needed armed security, and even that might not be enough,” Igtet said.

Igtet, whom a few days ago traveled to the Eastern Libya to play a peacemaker role in Barga province, expressed his feelings in the article as he is visiting a city visible from his birthplace. He stated that he went there to try to calm down the city and put an end to violence, “we lost hundreds of the great people, and our enemies have torn our social fabric, it gave us nothing but destruction, corruption, and the collapsing of the services,” Igtet added.

He described Derna as a city of science, art and innovators, a city of generosity and kindness, bravery and glory, a tough city against tyrants throughout the ages. “Derna does not accept injustice, does not give into oppressors, but it welcomes everyone who comes in peace and love with open arms,” he said.

Additionally, Igtet stated that he was left with no adjectives to describe how excellent and genuine the reception of the city was, and how the Shura Council welcomed him in their houses and their hearts.

Igtet added that “I had several conversations and heated discussions with them, I surprised how knowledgeable and up-to-date they were with the current political affairs. I spoke frankly and informed them of how they were accused of controlling Derna, oppressing its people, killing all those who oppose them”. Stating that “their answers were definite, they took me on a tour around the city to see for myself how peaceful the city was, how civilians continue their everyday routines in this blessed month exhibiting the city’s hospitality. I was certain from what I saw that Derna would gradually rejoice and escape its current gloomy state.”

He then spoke about his ambitions for a social reconciliation in Barga, saying that his visit to Derna came after many efforts, one of which was meeting many influential figures and the House of Representatives (HoR) members from various Derna tribes. He also met with a few delegates from influential foreign countries involved in the Libyan scene.

Igtet stressed in his article that everyone approves of the peace-restoring efforts, which could turn the country back into a safe, stable nation, a place where the bloodbath no longer exists, hastening the reconstructing and rebuilding process.

“I told the Shura Council that we do not have to agree on everything. However, there are numerous means and methods to manage our differences without any disputes. I reminded them of our ancestor’s fights and how they used to solve their problems and conflicts,” Igtet continued.

He said that everyone was very understanding and that he had reached a temporary agreement to seize fire, and that this should apply as soon as possible within the next few days in Benghazi and Ajdabiya, affirming that all their efforts were to achieve peace in all the cities of Libya and that after Barga, the South will be the main focus and then the West.

Igtet applauded the head of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, and General Khalifa Haftar and all those who responded to the seize fire protocol even if it is temporary, because of its huge importance in resolving the situation peacefully. He stressed that “there is no doubt that without the response of the Shura Council and their efforts to spread peace and halt the injustice, the agreement would not have been possible.”