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PFG controls areas south Ajdabiya



A military source confirmed that the Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFG) and Ajdabiya Border Section Forces controlled the high area close to purification plant south Ajdabiya.

A field commander told Al-Wasat website, on Tuesday, that “Ajdabyia witnessed, Monday night, the first military movement for the PFG towards the south of the city, to seize terrorist groups within South Ajdabiya controlled by Ajdabya Revolutionaries Shura Council, and to secure the southern part of the city though preventing terrorists from targeting residential blocks”.

Ajdabiya Liberation Room and Benghazi rebels media wing published, on Sunday, photos of their forces while raiding into field 109 south Ajdabiya where Battalion 152 was positioned.

From his side, battalion 21 coast guards commander, Mohamed Ebsait, said that armed confrontations erupted, Tuesday morning, between the Battalion 101 and the PFG forces southwest Ajdabya.

From another side, the PFG spokesperson, Ali Al-Hasy, denied the eruption of any clashes in Ajdabiya against the army forces.

He confirmed that any reports circulated about clashes between the PFG and army troops south of Ajdabiya are untrue, adding that the PFG elements headed, Monday night to 10Km area southern the city.

The Defense Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) assigned the PFG and Ajdabiya Border Section Forces to protect and secure Ajdabiya in coordination with supporting forces from the youth.