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Abu-Hashim: Saleh no longer represents HoR

Abu-Hashem: Saleh lost confidence of majority of HoR members since he started acting individually - Internet


The spokesman of the House of Representatives (HoR), Faraj Abu-Hashim stated that the HoR chief, Ageela Saleh, is seeking with a group of anti-consensus to disable the Political Agreement (PA) for personal purposes.

Abu-Hashim said, in press remarks on Wednesday, that Saleh acts out of personal aspect and no longer represents the post of the President of the Libya’s HoR. He added that he lost the confidence of the majority of the HoR members since he started acting individually.

The HoR spokesman added that the foreign trips Saleh took off in with some social activists, and eastern tribes’ sheiks of the East are evidence that Saleh lost the confidence of eastern parliamentarians. The members no longer coordinate with Saleh, he said.

Abu-Hashim said that Saleh no longer considers that he heads the HoR that represents whole Libya, and not the east alone.

From his side, the HoR member, Abu-Bakr Buira, asserted on the importance of the HoR, the Presidential Council (PA), and the Operation Dignity to come together under the retired General Khalifa Haftar’s leadership to exit the “dead Political Agreement (PA).”

In media remarks, Buira said that the HoR is to blame for many mistakes that complicated the crisis; adding that it couldn’t handle the political crisis in a right way.

He considered Haftar’s visit to Russia as justified and even came too late. “Such a visit had to be made earlier to make sure of the seriousness and readiness to help Libya,” he added.

“The International Community pressured Libya too much lately about the political dialogue,” he believed that the Gulf states or Oman couldn’t solve the problem, pointing out that the visit is social only.