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Jadran: We won’t allow the return of military tyranny

Jadran: We will not tolerate dictatorship, which is not much different from the IS - Internet


The Head of Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFG), Ibrahim Jadran, pointed to the statement made by officer Mustapha Sharkasy in which he said they are seizing Ajdabiya from the north, east and south. He said “the truth is that all mentioned gates are protected by the Petroleum Guards and forces summoned last December to protect the gates. And we are positioned in Ajdabiya”.

Jadran, in a video posted via Facebook, LIBYAPROSPECT has translated for its readers, said that they issued a statement announcing they will “end and eliminate any party who attempts to infringe Ajdabiya, no matter who that party is, as long as we are alive.”

He addressed Ajdabiya inhabitants saying that “our families in Ajdabiya know the PFG, we spent five years of war defending the city and residents’ rights, without a single case of violation of citizens or human rights. We dealt with everyone with laws; we respect human rights. And our fear from Allah prevents us from oppression”.

“Forces arrived, and troops in Sidra, Ras Lanuf, Brega, and oil fields are all ready to stop any attempts to infringes Ajdabiya or any place the PFG are assigned to protect. We want to assure inhabitants that our main job is to protect, defend and secure, we seek no bloodshed unless we had to,” confirmed Jadran.

He reiterated that the PFG wouldn’t allow any group to destruct Ajdabiya or inhabitants’ properties, we will deal with such attempts professionally “we know how to handle enemies, it is not hard and will be done with minimum causalities,” he said.

“We are assigned by the Defense Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), which is the internationally and locally recognized government because it is brokered by the House of Representatives (HoR) not me, the HoR started the dialogue in Ghadames,” Jadran stated.

Referring to the Operation Dignity forces affiliated to the retired General Khalifa Haftar, Jadran said that “here I want to talk about an important point which is that power obsessed, who attacked one of the PFG camps days before flying out, I confirm that we will not let it go easily or stay silent. His project, which is brokered by certain countries, will not be implemented in Libya”.

“Libya will not be militarized again, we won’t allow the return of tyranny or military rule, because we aspire for free Libya with institutions and the rule of laws, modern civilized country, and prosper with real justice. But we will not tolerate dictatorship, which is not much different from the terrorist Islamic Stare (IS),” he said.

He advised Salafi youth saying that “we will not allow extremist groups or military dictatorship. I advise youth with Salafi ideologies to spare more bloodshed, incidents occurred across other cities, like kidnapping, tutoring and killing citizens will not happen in Ajdabiya. So Salafi youth should only level up to their responsibility and only follow their scholars”.