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International efforts to address migration crisis



International efforts continue to resolve the migration crisis, but more migrants cross the Mediterranean every day seeking Europe. About 3324 migrants were rescued, on Sunday, off Libya coast during 36 rescue operations, which raise figures to 10 thousands of migrants rescued since Thursday. The Italian navy said it rescued 117 migrants from rubber rickety boats, on Saturday.

Despite serious local and international efforts to address the growing illegal migration, the crisis is increasingly growing and becoming more dangerous.

The Italian coast guards said that all migrants were in board 25 rubber boats, one wooden boat, without mentioning any deaths. Rescue missions carried out by the Italian navy and the coast guards, Frontex ships, Sophia ships, and Doctors Without Borders and SeaWatch. All migrants have transported to ports south Italy.

According to the United Nations high commission, about 66 thousand migrants, mostly from Africa, reached Europe since the beginning of this year.

Last Thursday, more than 7000 migrants rescued off Libya. Video released by the Italian Navy showed the rescue operations that included 23 women, all transported safely to Italy on board Navy ship.

The Italian interior department said that about 60 thousand migrant boats were brought to Italy since the beginning of the year.

The Head of Frontex stated that they expect 10 thousand migrants to cross Libya to Europe every day, with the improved weather in the Mediterranean.

Despite strict international decisions to halt the flow of illegal migrants, the crisis is growing day after day causing many economic and humanitarian problems.