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1000 migrants detained in Sabratha



The Libyan naval forces arrested 1000 illegal migrants, Arabs and Africans including pregnant women off Sabratha coasts, said the official spokesperson, Ayoub Belgasem.

The migrants were detained on board eight boats about ten miles northern Sabratha, reported Aki.

Belgasem said, Friday, that they used locomotive from Zawya oil company to transport the migrants, Zawya anti-migration department handled all after receiving medical and humanitarian assistance.

He added that “the Italian coastguards stopped five thousand migrants in the territorial waters,” pointing that the improved weather in the western area caused the growing migrants flow.

Migrant smuggling has been witnessing a spike on Libyan shores. Specifically, the western using rickety boats lacking the basic safety and security precautions to move large numbers of people most of whom can’t swim which double risks. Children and women mostly die due to weather incidents.

The sea washing ashore dead bodies on western Libya beaches has become usual lately but still causes panic amongst citizens, Press Solidarity news agency reported.

The daily appearance of corpses pushed officials in Sabratha from a crisis committee to recover bodies and bury them according to legal and administrative procedures. It was formed of Department of illegal immigration, public prosecutors, the Sabratha Directorate of Security, the Libyan Red Crescent in Sabratha, the local council, and the educational Sabratha hospital.

According to the mayor, Hussien Al-Dawady, the council stands unable to continue working amid inaction of other entities. “The only thing we did is allocating an employees’ transportation vehicle to move bodies to be buried in a cemetery in South Sabratha,” he said.

Al-Dawady blamed the smugglers who keep their business going amid the absence of the state.

The director of the illegal migration Bureau, Basem Al-Ghrably, stated that smuggling is growing every day, and the numbers are very large. He said that the state no longer supports the bureau so they no longer can serve the large numbers in the center or even deport them.

Al-Ghrably explained that the smuggling route changed to pass through Mali, Algeria, and Tunisia. “We address the government and the ministries of interior and foreign relations to address the Tunisian authorities to stop the flow of migrations through borders; we have testimony and confessions of the number of immigrants that they came from Tunisia after paying 100 each.

The Libyan Red Crescent in Sabratha confirmed that they are unable to recover bodies due to lack of capabilities as well as the fears of infection as a result of recovering of bodies that appear decomposed and need special handling in transportation.

The educational hospital of Sabratha stated that there are no spaces in the hospital refrigerator to receive bodies.