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Misrata official uncovers truth of Al-Garaboulli incident



The spokesperson of the Misrata Municipality Council, Osama Badi, uncovered that the incidents in Al-Garaboulli area started due to a disagreement between a local trader and a soldier then later turned into an armed fight resulting in wounding a soldier and burning down a store.

The clash between the trader and the member of the security forces guarding the coastal way, which are commanded by the supreme army leadership developed later into attacks by citizens against the gate of the military area and other spots, which led to clashes and killing and wounding people on both sides.

He added that the civilians later entered forces’ locations after soldiers retreated. A fireworks container exploded too resulting in wounding and killing many.

Efforts by local councils of Qasr Al-Akhiar and committee of Misrata sons in Tripoli and people from Al-Asabaa led to reaching the cease-fire and ordering forces to retreat from the area in addition to reopening the coastal way and releasing the prisoners on identity basis.

Justice and building party expressed condolences to families of the victims of the explosion in the area, calling all actors to use discipline and taking the needed decision to stop the bloodshed in addition to investigating the incidents.