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Defense Ministry denounces attack on camp near Ajdabiya



The Defense Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) denounced the air shelling of Al-Sham camp, which is affiliated with the forces of Oil Installations Guards in Ajdabiya noting it represents an assault against the state-affiliated legitimate forces.

A statement by the ministry denounced the attacks against civilians across the country, calling it internationally and locally criminalized acts.

It hailed the role played by the Oil Installations Guards in freeing Ben-Jawad, Al-Nouflia, and Harawa from the hands of the Islamic State group (IS). It added that it ordered the guards to secure the city using the help of youth, noting that any security action outside the state’s framework is illegal.

The spokesperson of Oil Installations Guards had already pledged to respond to the air strikes by operation dignity affiliated planes against their camp in Ajdabiya.