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Riots at Al-Garaboulli



Riots suddenly erupted in Al-Garaboulli, east of Tripoli, where citizens closed coastal road east of the city and captured Al-Goweaa military gate and the nearby security camp.

More than 34 killed and 10s injured the explosion of a store of fireworks, because of violent clashes between Al-Rawajeh tribe and an armed militia.

The youth of the tribe attacked the militia camp because one of the elements of the militia provoked a shop owner in the area.

Al-Garaboulli municipality and notables urged, in a statement, citizens to self-restraint and expressed their anger in peaceful protests to avoid bloodshed.

The statement condemned what it called “individual actions by outlawed armed men.” They confirmed affiliation to the legitimate government emanating from the political dialogue.

The protests were spontaneous without any organized ideological or political cover, intended to denounce violations, and not addressed against any political party.