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HoR members appeared at the consultative session



The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Saleh Fhima, said that the consultative session scheduled for Monday wasn’t convened since only about 15 MPs attended.

The MP, Abdel-Moneim Belkour, in Tripoli, said that the Government of National Accord (GNA) supporter MPs won’t go to Tobruk before having a formal agreement after they were assaulted in Tobruk, he told Alwasat website, LIBYAPROSPECT translates here.

“Ongoing negotiations between the first and second deputies of the head of the HoR don’t represent my colleagues or me. They were supposed to come to Tripoli to negotiate with us to reach a settlement that guarantees that the HoR returns to work,” he said.

The HoR chief, Ageela Saleh, called for the session to be held on Monday and Tuesday at the headquarters of the HoR in Tobruk.

He said that a recent meeting for pro-agreement HoR members concluded that communication is needed with the members in Tobruk. And in the case of failure, a settlement must be reached with the Presidential Council (PC) the development of a settlement with 100+ members to hold a session outside Tobruk without the presidency of the HoR to hold the vote of confidence for the government and apply Article 16.

Belkour said that the meeting took place in Harom Hotel on Saturday, June 18th, in the presence of more than 40 members of the supporters of the Political Agreement (PA). With the purpose of discussing the possibility of the healing of the HoR and bring it back into session on the basis of freedom of the will and expression and free and fair democratic decision-making in addition to ways to enable the PC and the GNA ease the suffering of the citizens.

Sulaiman Swiker was chosen to be the president of the block and Osama Al-Saafi as the coordinator along with the activation of Dewan branches in Tripoli and Sabha and the formation of a communication committee to communicate with opponent Representatives.