Home Reports Army room urges citizens to avoid hotel in Derna

Army room urges citizens to avoid hotel in Derna



Omar Al-Mukhtar operations room, affiliated to the Operation Dignity, urged Derna residents not to approach Lolwa hotel area.

The head of the media bureau, Ali Abo-Setta, said that “the hotel is a possible target for air forces raids, besides other jihadists positions inside the city.”

He urged inhabitants not to approach the courts complex overlooking the coastal road, which has been bombed days ago.

Lolwa hotel is one of the biggest hotels in Derna, was opened in 2009 and hosts sports competitions within Derna peace events held during Ramadan.

It is worth mentioning that the Operation Dignity air forces continue to bomb residential areas and vital complexes inside Derna, and targeted residential buildings of Jabal, company killing three children, besides city port and kids park in the western entrance causing huge material losses.