Home Reports About 50 martyrs and 60 wounded in clashes with IS

About 50 martyrs and 60 wounded in clashes with IS



Misrata Central Hospital announced receiving 50 bodies of martyrs and 60 wounded soldiers of the Operation “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous” after clashes with Islamic State group (IS) in Sirte.

The hospital explained on Tuesday that most of the martyrs come from Misrata, and the other from different cities and areas in Libya including Sirte, Al-Jufra, Sabha, Kekla, Mashashia, and Weddan. Four are being treated for severe injuries while others suffer minor and medium wounds.

LIBYAPROSPECT learned that the Operation “Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous” has advanced inside Sirte, it regained even all of the district 700. It advanced through all of the axes, and the elements of the IS withdrew from their locations.

Early, Thursday the operation announced that its forces continued to shell the IS locations and were able to hit ammunition storage and other important sites. It added that forces besieged the forces of the IS in Sirte and failed their trials to run away.

It added that intelligence work continues in preparation for the final battle.