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EU search for weapons loaded ships heading to IS


The European authorities launched naval operations to search for six ships loaded with weapons on their way to the Islamic Stat group (IS) IN Libya, Le Figaro reported.

Two ships are said to be loaded with containers. A ship carries the Turkish flag; another holds Liberia’s and three ships come from Panama, Bolivia, and Tanzania in addition to cargo ship registered in Comoros

Ships are reported to have sailed from a Turkish port and shut down navigation system in order not to be discovered through satellites and periodicals.

The source stressed that he is unable to name the shipment sender, but said its destination is the IS in Libya.

The newspaper quoted a security source in the Middle East that the six ships carry 10 thousand tons of weapons for the IS extremists in Libya.

The Russian news agency “Sputnik” reported that the ships are loaded with light weapons. It stressed that European intelligence plans to intercept vessels at sea before arriving at the Libyan port.

“Ships weren’t able to pass through the Suez Canal or Gibraltar, because then they would have been discovered. They must be in the Mediterranean,” it reported.