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Dahlan heads Libyan journalists meeting against GNA


The uae71 website reported a conference held by Libyan journalists in the Jordanian capital, Amman, under the supervision of Mohammed Dahlan, the Palestinian Intelligence, who has been accused of cooperating with the Israeli government and supported by Abu Dhabi and Cairo.

According to UAE71 website, the meeting was attended by the Libyan writer and journalist “Mujahid Al-Busaifi”, the executive director of channel 218, the Libyan Ambassador to the UAE “Arif Al-Nayed”, the Libyan journalist and owner of Libya Al-Hadath Channel “Mahmoud Al-Misrati”, and the Libyan businessman and former owner of Al-Ahli Club in Tripoli “Ismail Al-Shtewi”, as well as an unidentified Egyptian attendee.

The meeting, which began at a late hour due to Dahlan’s late arrival to the hotel, discussed the reasons behind the unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) upon failing to incite the Libyan people against the PC in Ramadan, despite implementing previously discussed strategies in Cairo last April and spending all allocated financial resources, strategies which hoped to exploit the power outage situation, inflation and the lack of liquidity.

After evaluating the situation, new media strategies have been adopted such as: focusing on members of the PC, specifically Ahmed Mitig, Abdul-Salam Kajman, Fathi El-Majbary and the Minister of Defense, Mahdi AL-Barghathi, aiming to diminish the popularity of the PC. Additionally, both Mitiq and Kajman are to be subjects of rumors and false news claiming that they have both struck deals and contracts with different parties, deals that would not be of benefit to the Libyan economy, the first with Italian oil and gas companies, and the latter with ambassadors and Western corporations.

The plan also wishes to weaken the status of AL-Barghathi as Defense Minister and accuse him of being manipulated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and that his primary goal is to destroy the operation AL-Karama (Dignity) led by Khalifa Haftar.

Mahmoud Al-Misrati confirmed that he and Ismail AL-Shtewi are in contact with certain groups in Libya whose only objective is to cause havoc in the Libyan capital and fuel the public with rumors and lies that would eventually bring down the PC.

Also according to the website, Abu-Dhabi is still obstructing the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobruk through Haftar out of fear that the GNA will gain their vote of confidence, consider it a hurdle in their fight against Islamists.

The website states that based on a recent study, Abu-Dhabi controls 70% of Libyan media, media which is managed through Dahlan to disturb national unity and instigate a coup against the Libyan Revolution.