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Al-Bargathy visits Nufalya and Ras-Lanuf


The Defense Minister in the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mahdy Al-Bargathy, called for the alienation of the army away from any political and regional conflicts, and said that “the army is working for the sake of the country and defending citizens.”

He warned of the “plans to create chaos and ignited sedition, murder, sabotage, and destruction of the state resources and wealth.”

Al-Bargathy visited the areas that liberated from the Islamic State (IS) and visited Ras-Lanuf, Bin Jawad, Nufalya, and Harawa. He was escorted by Ajdabiya border sector commander ‘Bashir Budhafera’, and the Petroleum Facilities Guards commander ‘Ibrahim Jadhran’, in his first visit after taking office and after the first visit for an official to the areas captured from the IS.

Al-Bargathy strolled inside Nufalya streets and districts, visited positions used by the IS as “the Islamic police headquarters”. He discussed with Budhafera and Jadhran the current situation in the country and required procedures to restore peace and stability.